Life deserves a toast.


We toast to each sunrise and sunset, each new accomplishment, each friendship and to love. We toast to each moment, each song and each image that dazzles us. We toast to every day, and to life. That is why we have reserved the best place for you.
17º Bar is a space that was thought considering every detail, to allow you to relax, hang out and enjoy, with no rushes. Because the best of everyday lives in the moments that make us happy. Glamour coats the interior of this cozy place that allows you to enjoy the enchanting sights over the whole city, where the eyes dwell. Our atmosphere is unique and invites one to stay. Here, you will find the ideal place to celebrate a special occasion, to organize a company cocktail, a birthday party, a friends get together… for a pleasant evening or to live, at its best, the night at Porto. In 17º Bar, all the senses get together around a toast to the best in life.
From Monday to Sunday, between 12h00 and 02h00, we offer you a menu of exclusive cocktails, delicious snacks, appetizers, and teas.
Because everyday is a good day to celebrate life. Come visit us!


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