The most romantic night of the year is just about to happen!

The love of bread for seafood in rye nest



Saffron and asparagus risotto with roasted beet in seeds crust
Slices of rump heart, potato lace and mushrooms tears



Sweet trio of chocolate, vanilla and caramel



Vallado Wine
Soft drink



Water and coffee



(water and coffee included)


VAT included at the applicable legal rate.
Valid on 14th February for dinner. Please read the reservation terms and conditions bellow.

Terms and Conditions – 14.02.2020



– All reservations for the Valentine’s Day Dinner must be made by email and prepaid.
– After your formal reservation request, 17º Restaurant & Bar / Hotel Dom Henrique Downtown will grant 48 hours for payment.
– There are 3 different payment methods:

By credit card – you can inform your reservation agent the card details to make the debt but bear in mind that the same card must be provided on the day of the dinner for validation.
Bank transfer to: IBAN PT50 0033 0000 0001 0402 3014 2, proof of which must be sent by e-mail within the 48 hours mentioned above, to your reservation agent.
Cash or debit card at the Hotel reception, for which you must coordinate in advance the day and time of payment with your reservation agent.

– All pre-reservations that are not paid in full within the given 48 hours will be automatically canceled and subject to availability again.
– After validating the payment, you will receive an email from your reservation agent with the final confirmation of your reservation!
– In case of cancellation of the reservation after payment, there will be no refund from the 17º Restaurant & Bar / Hotel Dom Henrique Downtown.
– If you want the invoice to be issued with your tax details, you must send them at the time of booking.
– For any further information or clarification please contact your reservation agent.


Booking period available:



1º – Start – 19:30 / 20:00 | Finish until 21:30 pm. Reservations for 1st booking period that are no show at 20:15 pm will be canceled without refund.
2º – Start – 22:00


“In case of dispute the consumer may appeal to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity of consumer disputes called “Centro de informação de Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto”, located in Rua Damião de Góis, n.º 31, loja 6, 4050-225 Porto, with the following contacts: Rua Damião de Góis, n.º 31, loja 6, 4050-225 Porto, Telephone: Tel. 225 029 791 or 22 5026109, E-mail:, Website: More details in the “Portal do Consumidor” at”